Everyone has a story to tell, but few know where to start.  Some of us have a fascinating family history we would love to share as a legacy for future generations.  Others have an amazing book idea that would further their career if they could just get motivated to begin.  Then there are those who dream of penning the next New York Times Bestseller only to give up and place their unfinished manuscript in a drawer along with their dreams.  Each of these people must face their own unique fears and challenges in making it from a concept to a finished product. Let’s face it, writing isn’t easy.  It can take years to figure out how to write a book by yourself no matter how many books on writing you own.  Why not save time and hire a coach to guide you through the process? Amber Meyer is a professional author who has experienced these difficulties first hand and survived.  Let her coach you through the grueling yet highly rewarding experience of writing a book. Amber is part writing coach, part personal trainer for the mind. She guides you through with weekly phone calls and assignments catered to each individual and their specific needs.  There is no word count maximum on what you are allowed to turn in each week.  Momentum is important and Amber wants to see you succeed.  Pricing is affordable, but space is limited.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up today!

Amber Meyer is a professional author, writing coach and Expedition Unknown junkie.  When she’s not writing or coaching awesome clients, she’s busy hunting for buried treasure, chasing three crazy kids or devouring books on unlocking the mysteries of life. Amber currently has openings in her calendar for clients who are ready to take a big step forward in making their dreams come true. Contact Amber today to get started on your own adventure!