What Readers are saying:

  • Sometimes wisdom comes with a hearty dose of laughter. This was a great little book filled with stories about life and the author shared with inimitable wit. The introduction of a couple of dogs and a car full of children send this mother into life reflections that had me in splits. I enjoyed the list of “unexpected things I have caught myself saying since she became a mother.” Among them: we can’t have kittens because the dog might eat them, quit squirming and let me have the booger, and my favorite: you are such a good pooper.
    Funny doesn’t begin to describe the writing but that is not why I enjoyed this book. At the end of many chapters are life learnings and little nuggets of wisdom. Like: Accept and love yourself no matter what size you are. Or: Sometimes, from life’s greatest storms come the most beautiful treasures.
    This is an honest book and the writer’s style is both light and readable. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Give it a go. I think you would enjoy it too.


  • This was the funniest book ever. I was in stitches throughout. It has all the heart of Marley & Me and enough humorous antics for an installment of Bridget Jones Diary. If you’re looking for a fun, fast read to brighten your day, this is it.


  • Confessions of a Hot Mess Mom by Amber Meyer is a fun little book where she talked about handling life by sharing her experiences. I liked the tone of the book. Amber uses a friendly conversational style which I believe is important when writing such self-help motivational books. Amber has a sense of humor about a lot of things and it’s evident from the way she shares her stories and offers advice. Whether you’re married, have pets, kids, etc. or not there are still a lot of things you can take away from what the author has been through.

    She talks about comforting your spouse after the loss of someone significant, being original, accepting yourself (flaws and all), not worrying about what people think of you, handling kids (she has three), and more. Humor is important. Humor also plays a role in introducing positive thoughts. You need to have a positive outlook if you want to survive life and while Amber has had her ups and downs I like that she was comfortable with herself to share details about her life, which I feel will surely help readers cope with whatever they’re dealing with. I also think she has a lot more to share (she has a life!) and I’m looking forward to reading more books from her.


  • So many things I could relate to in this book. Life lessons indeed!