“Once you have all the items on the conveyor, all you have to do is keep the oldest from trying to talk you into anything else, drag your son off the bottom rack where he is trying to body surf on the dog-food, and keep the third child from gobbling boogers like they are Halloween candy while the cashier stares on in horror.” From Confessions of a Hot Mess Mom.

Now out on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and B&N.com. Get your copy today!


Confessions of a Hot Mess Mom is a humor memoir from Amber Meyer that offers nuggets of hard-earned mom wisdom paired with sidesplitting stories about parenting and marriage.

Sometimes a life filled with love needs a little bit of itching powder…

And Amber, mom of three, isn’t afraid to use it! After Amber married her high school sweetheart, she quickly learned that navigating the trials and tribulations of marriage would take a wickedly dry sense of humor and more than a little optimism. Life has blessed Amber with a treasure trove of stories to tell… some painful, others undeniably hilarious.

Whether it be the death of her father-in-law followed close at hand by the arrival of an incorrigible yellow lab, or a dose of marital communication with a few pinches of strategically-placed itching powder, Amber has learned to stay true to herself.

The perfect read for moms who need a laugh to make it through yet another cereal aisle tantrum. This book has humor and heart to get you through it all.

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